Research and development in graphic industries : Fogra

Fogra Research Institute For Media Technologies

Research and development in graphic industries : Fogra

Research and development in graphic industries : Fogra 1678 1119 Altavia


A non-profit research association based in Germany, Fogra Research Institute For Media Technologies plays a pivotal role in research and development for graphic industries. We put the spotlight on this major ally of the graphic industry

Fogra is located to the east of Munich. The association has its own research institute, with sixty employees, including engineers, chemists and physicists.


Their work is based on three fundamental principles: “Neutrality, Integrity, Reliability”.


“Fogra has several missions: knowledge transfer via diverse training sessions, organisation of noteworthy events and symposiums, writing of technical reports, certifications and other services for each step in the production,” Hervé Lyaudet explains. Patented inspection tools and methods – such as the Fogra Media Wedge CMYK 3.0 – allow high-quality production standards to be attained. Fogra also has a full system of certification (FograCert CPS/VPS/CPC/VPC)”.


The association also allows members access to international experts.  “Fogra participates in the development of ISO norms related to the graphics industry,” Hervé Lyaudet adds. “It is chair of the TC 130 Graphic Technology division within the International Standardization Organisation (ISO), which is constituted of a network of national institutions, and leads several major research projects that involve, for example, colour management for media”.  


Some of the research conducted in 2017

This year, Fogra conducted several research projects, particularly on:


– criteria for evaluation of colour reproduction on softproofing systems – application in production;

– development of methods to solve problems linked to paper fluorescence (OBA);

– the development of a method of evaluation for colour reproductions on different output channels


On the agenda for 2018?

“The agenda is currently under discussion,” says Hervé Lyaudet. But we already know that the development of tools for PDF 2.0 workflows will be part of our research next year, as well as the revision of the Standard Digital Process”.


By Hervé Lyaudet, Colorimetry and workflow manager at Altavia Paris.