Altavia launches Altavia Travel Retail as an answer to the channel’s needs for transformation.

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Altavia launches Altavia Travel Retail as an answer to the channel’s needs for transformation.

Altavia launches Altavia Travel Retail as an answer to the channel’s needs for transformation. 1140 760 Altavia

Present times are challenging the travel industry and more than ever, hub operators, retailers and brands need to make informed decisions and innovate to optimize their investments.

By bringing different perspectives to the industry, Altavia Travel Retail aims to solve collective problems throughout the online and physical travelers’ journey.
Creativity, business intelligence and the ability to craft outstanding yet relevant customer experiences are powerful leverages. That’s why we believe it’s the right time to launch our offer and help clients reconnect with travelers and attain desired revenue targets whilst meeting sustainability manifestos.

Altavia Travel retail

The Altavia group, present in 45 countries with more than 2 500 employees, supports retailers and brands building fruitful relationships with their customers since 1983.
Today, with Altavia Travel Retail, our travel retail experts come together under one brand to service the industry with a broad range of services including; commercial strategy and concessions’ master planning, store design, temporary and permanent POSM, On and Off line activations, branding, digital and social media activations, global POSM production management.
“For years now, e-commerce, sustainability, multi-channel retail and shifts in consumer behaviors disrupt traditional retail and our teams have been supporting retailers and brands in their transformation with bespoke solutions at every stage of the value chain. With the unique positioning of Altavia Travel Retail, we now aim to support the transformation of the travel retail channel.” Raphaël Palti, CEO and Founder of Altavia.
In this move to consolidate its expertise dedicated to the travel retail channel, several agencies of the Altavia group are joining forces; HRG, ODG and Creative Capital.
“For over 10 years now we have been partnering with global brands to deliver strategy, creative and implementation across permanent, promotional and category projects. Our strong understanding of the channel, the changing landscape and shopper missions allows us to create and deliver platforms both physically and digitally that draw in the traveler and create engagement which in turn drives sales and brand awareness.
Our new offering as Altavia Travel Retail, will now more than ever, allow us to not only continue to build on the support we can offer to brands but also enable us to forge stronger relationships between them and the retailers through our enhanced understanding of their joined-up objectives.” Lucy Tugwell Europe Business manager for Altavia Travel Retail.
With a diverse team coming from 12 different nationalities based in London, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong and soon Singapore, we believe in a localized approach to better address the specific requirements of our clients and their targets. Shoppers are more and more demanding, looking for personalization, unique products and experiences to suit their specific needs. The ability to understand and profile the travelers as well as the regional and cultural context is an essential part of our approach.
“For instance, our experience of working with local brands in China for years has helped us to build a deep knowledge of the Chinese consumers who account for a large number of today’s global travelers and shoppers” Jing Legrand & Louis Houdart Business Managing Directors of Altavia China.
Sustainability is an important cornerstone of our value proposition and we have developed specific solutions in eco-design and production with several ongoing pilot stores. Recently, Altavia Travel Retail developed the design and sustainable strategy for high-profile duty-free stores in Asia and Scandinavia and we anticipate ambitious sustainable objectives to become the norm of the industry. “Thanks to our experience with all the key stakeholders of the industry; GTR brands, retailers, food service companies and hub operators, we have a comprehensive view of the travel retail ecosystem. Today, with Altavia Travel Retail, our clients will benefit from our global presence and a true online / offline expertise to better craft every touch point of the traveler’s journey.” Hugo Vanderschaegh Head of ALTAVIA Travel Retail.