Bonial: re-connecting consumers to stores

Bonial: re-connecting consumers to stores

Bonial: re-connecting consumers to stores 1500 1125 Altavia



Using digital technology as the primary source of store traffic. That is the challenge set on a daily basis by Bonial, founded in 2008, based on the same model as its parent company in Berlin. An overview of a company that has already bagged the big accounts.

The drive-to-store pioneer in Europe

The story of Bonial began in 2008, with the creation of the application kaufDA in Germany. The mobile app dedicated to the in-store preparation of purchases proved to be a great success, resulting in its international expansion as of 2011 under the name Bonial.


Since then, the company operating in France has set itself the ambition of reconnecting consumers to stores. “Since 2011, Bonial has enabled brands to better promote their in-store offers through digital media”, says Laurent Landel, Associate Director Bonial France. “In just a few short years, we have developed a platform that combines complementary solutions designed to enhance store attractiveness. Our solutions allow major chains to adopt a more effective communication strategy that appeals to their customers.” 



The Bonial platform

By synchronising offers at points of sale with the purchase intentions detected on its apps, Bonial allows brands to promote their local offers on the Web and on mobiles.


The Bonial platform enables brands to better promote their offers, using customised targeting and content. They can use the Bonial audience network, or specific advertising formats on Google, Facebook and thousands of other websites, or their own communication channels. Whatever the case, Bonial helps brands better promote their offers”, explains Laurent Landel.



Distributors in France and Europe

Bonial works with the majority of distributors in France and Europe, in all business sectors (food, sport, clothing, decoration, furnishing, etc.). The drive-to-store expert boasts the following big names among its customers: Franprix, Monoprix, Orange, Norauto, Action, Decathlon, Lidl, Picard, Sport 2000, Groupe Casino, and Office Dépôt, among others.


Bonial adapts to the issues and challenges of each brand”, affirms Laurent Landel. Our offer, which combines a qualified audience network, proprietary data targeting and technology dedicated to the digitalisation of in-store offers, allows us to meet the drive-to-store needs of each brand.” 



The goal over the coming years?

“Bringing customers to the store will become increasingly difficult for brands. However, we firmly believe that e-commerce will never replace stores. Consumers are more interested in in-store offers now more than ever: it is a day-to-day purchasing power concern for French people. Our aim is to assist all major retailers in France looking to use digital technology as a key lever to drive traffic to stores.” says Laurent Landel.



A partnership with Altavia

Great news! Bonial and the Altavia Group have recently decided to join forces. “As a European pioneer and leader, Bonial will further strengthen the Altavia RetailTech solutions with the most comprehensive and innovative drive-to-store offer on the market”, announced Laurent Landel. “This partnership will allow Altavia RetailTech and Bonial assist the retail sector with all of its drive-to-store problems, using recognised technology and expertise”.